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What’s Important

It’s important to keep your links and web copy looking ‘natural’. This means that your copy should be easily read by a human and not prepared as spider food.

It’s also important that your links follow a natural pattern. You need a good selection of directories, social networks, articles, trade contacts and so on. If you put too many links in place in one go you will get a spike in your link history and this may go against your aims. This is the classic situation when you buy links. Your site may be getting 10 natural links a day and suddenly you buy 2,000 links and that tells Google exactly what you’re up to. Bad site owner. You have to be careful because exponential growth is hard to maintain. It’s a question of awareness and balance.

And here’s the most important piece of advice we can give you: don’t think about gaming Google. That’s where people go wrong. Think about it as improving the internet experience for your users. Quality. When you approach it with that mindset then suddenly your aims become congruent with Google’s.

Or, if this makes sense to you, you can let us do it for you and focus on your fee earning work.


Our Clients

Our clients are few, actually. We are not in the mass market. We typically have less than twenty clients, all in different industries. We will not take on a competitor to any existing client. The benefits of our discoveries and wins are yours.

Our clients trust us and understand that what we do is a long term but very important aspect of their marketing. It is possible to get quick results, but they don’t last and can do a great deal of damage to your asset; so, we avoid that. In the early days we will need a fair amount of information from you. We might email asking for half a dozen facts about a particular product or aspect of your business. You’ll be able to do that at a convenient time and we tend to find that you will find the process interesting, even illuminating.

When we initially start working together we will have a good look at your site and create a list of ‘linkable assets’. These are the pages that are either attracting links already or have to potential to attract links. Essentially they are the pages which have information on them that people want. Occasionally we will have to work with you to enhance existing pages or create new ones so you have a good portfolio.

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